Ms. Ryan
Ms. Mobley
Ms. Atherton
Ms. Dobson
Ms. Perry

1st and 2nd

Ms. Adelson
Mr. Davis
Ms. Viloria
Ms. Church
Ms. Welch


Main Office

Dr. Spence: Principal Ms. Burch-Oliver: Asst. Principal
Ms. Ogden: Secretary Mr. Sami: School Counselor
Ms. Makessia: Registrar Ms. Ealey: Security


Ms. Hunter: CIS Mr. Hanna: Computers
Dr. Bush: Media Coach Smith: Physical Education
Ms. Jervis: Math Coach Ms. Knight: Reading Coach
Ms. Novelus: Music Ms. Wright: Art
Mr. Wilson: Head Janitor Mr. Blanchard: IT Department

3rd and 4th

Ms. Ochoa
Mr. Porter
Ms. Thomas
Ms. Ciceron
Ms. Jimenez
Ms. Viloria


Ms. Dixon
Mr. Thurston