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Counselor's Corner:

Monthly Message

October 2016- It's All About Awareness

Don't be scared Dolphins! Now is the time to shine. October is a busy month. We will be more conscious about our health, more armed against drugs and bullies, and more joyful as we fill ourselves with delicious candy for Halloween. The TRICK - is to make sure everyone cooperates and is TREATed with respect. We remind everyone to stay safe and to keep practicing their Values - they matter!

Have a BOOming October! -Mr. Sami

September 2016- Be GREAT and Do The Right Thing

Look out Dolphins! Your teachers and administrators will now be searching for students to catch. But this time, getting busted may not be a bad thing... We want you to get Caught Doing The Right Thing! You can win a free pizza and t-shirt! So be on your best behavior!

And 5th Graders! Welcome to Gang Resistance Education and Training! We know Officer K and Officer Jackson will show you the ropes on how to stay crime free and become a G.R.E.A.T member of society. Keep up the good work students! -Mr. Sami

August 2016 - Say Hello

AW, MAN! Summer is over. Yes, it's time to go back to school. But, you know what? That also means you get to learn more and make more friends! Starting a new year can be scary, but it doesn't have to be! Just remember, you are not the only new student. Look around! Someone next to you may also be feeling shy or scared. Just say hello and watch the friendship grow! -Mr. Sami